Francis Valice

The late Baron of Valice; son of Ida Valice.




Francis Valice ruled for many years as a tyranical Baron, who’s “quaint” interests included annexing local towns and extorting them for all they were worth. The Baron left Valice to attempt to add the seaside town of Glenroy to his charges, where he sparked the ire of a group of adventurers.

Heading the Baron off by taking the mountain pass, the party set up an ambush for him. The ambush portion was a little less than successful, but the end result was what they were after. The Baron was beheaded at the pillory of one of his many watchtowers. Word did not spread about his death, but men were dispatched to attempt to locate him.

A half-Drow wizard known as Darky has taken to impersonating the Baron, which he did so to procure a carriage ride from the town of Eastbrooke to the City of Valice. However, the carriage was attacked and hijacked by Lilia the Bandit Queen and her men, and there Baron was pressumed dead. This did not deter the wizard, however, who proceded to Valice on foot and ressumed his impersonation. As far as anyone is currently concerned, Darky is the Baron of Valice.

Francis Valice

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