Elder Wizard Zule

A powerful and wise wizard residing in the City of Valice.


Wizard LV 20
HP ??
AC ??

Elder Wizard Zule was the only member of the Council of Elders to see through Darky Bonermir‘s disguise when he arrived in Valice, posing as Baron Francis Valice. Rather than expose him and his associates, however, he took it as a way to pass on the Baron’s quest to reunite the 4 legendary artifacts. After informing the imposter and his friends of the grave danger the world was facing, he arranged to have Valice under his rule in their absence.

Not everyone was pleased with the "Baron"’s choice for a temporary ruler, but due to his temper Asgoth was quickly removed from Council of Elders.

Zule was in possession of 1 of the artifacts, The Hand of Valice, which he entrusted to Brutney Savage.

Elder Wizard Zule

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