Leodak "Lefty" Tarmikos

Part drunk, part thief, part wanderer, part slumming rich kid, part duskblade


Human Duskblade Level 9
Chaotic Neutral
Patron Deity: Fharlangh
71 HP
23 AC

Ability Scores:
STR 22 (6)
DEX 16 (
CON 15 (2)
INT 15 (
WIS 10 (+0)
CHA 9 (-1)

Main equipment: Keen-enchanted masterwork falchion +1, The Body of Niffelheim (animated heavy shield +2), composite longbow with arrows, mithral chain shirt, darts, Amulet of Health +2, Ring of Climbing +10, Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2, Belt of Giant Strength +4, Headband Of Intellect +2

Fort Save: 9
Ref Save 7
Will Save 6

Power Attack
Improved Initiative
Knowledge Devotion
Obtain Familiar

Class Features:
Combat Casting
Armored Mage (Light, Medium, Heavy Shield)
Arcane Attunement
Arcane Channeling
Quick Cast (once per day)
Spell Power (+2)h1. Your title here…


Leodak “Lefty” Tarmikos grew up in a Belierin, an affluent city inland from the port city of Cape Hope. His family traded with the ships that docked there for whatever they were importing and imported it further to their own city, essentially acting as middlemen for the shipping trade. Leodak found this life incredibly boring, being a free-spirited and impulsive youth. He did share somewhat in his father’s lust for money, but only as a means to an end, i.e., "wine, women and song" and though he did not exactly proclaim it from the rooftops, Leodak was pretty sure that he’d done dear old dad one better by figuring out the outright theft had a lower overhead than trading.

His family aspired to a kind of oligarchical nobility, and before Leodak disappointed his parents by joining the town militia, he studied quite a bit, being fascinated with elves and elven magic. He retained comparatively little of it, being both rather restless in mind as well as body, and inordinately fond of drinking.  

Leodak is more a force unto himself than any kind of leader, though he does have a certain magnetism, and he will throw himself headlong into a lot of situations. After about a year in the militia, where he studied well for once and thus gained the formal training of a Fighter, he decided that that life also was too boring and quit, becoming a wanderer. A simple soul really, he took only his sword and armor and the nickname he’d picked up, “Lefty,” for punching a sparring opponent in the face with a left hook after being disarmed (though the name only stuck because he was so obviously a shifty borderline criminal pretending to be a soldier) and one day set off, incidentally shaming his family irreparably in their eyes.

Lefty was for a time the apprentice of a duskblade, Morix, who eventually pronounced him incapable of learning with such a naive understanding of the world, and sent him on his merry, drunken, rambling way. 

Brash, light-hearted and up for anything, Lefty fell in with a ragtag group of fellow scoundrels and is rolling down the road with them for the time being, both because it suits his whims and in the deeper, more silent recesses of his mind he feels that this journey has something to teach him. Because, as Leodak “Lefty” Tarmikos once actually summed himself up (drunk and alone) from this perspective, he is a really a student looking for something that’s worth learning.

Leodak "Lefty" Tarmikos

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