Lilia The Bandit Queen

A sadistic half-elf. She's a street walking cheetah with a heart full of napalm.


LV Bard 12, Ranger 2
HP ??
AC ??

Anyone from the Eastern continent has heard of Lilia. She strikes swiftly and with a well-trained fighting force, taking everything she can and leaving the victims in a dazed stupor.
Most recently, Lilia attacked and raiding the Royal Carriage of Valice. Many of her men were lost in the encounter, most notably her trusted Sorceress Vigdis and Wizard Flosi. Many assumed the Baron dead from this attack, as Lilia was successful in hijacking the carriage, so naturally a bounty has been placed upon her head.
It is unknown where Lilia has headed since then, but many have their suspicions.

Lilia The Bandit Queen

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