Scotford Jenks

The former Mayor of Eastbrooke, Scotford is always looking for a quick way to make some money.


LV ??
HP ??
AC ??

Scotford Jenks was the Mayor of Eastbrooke, until his diabolical plans were revealed. Jenks had poisoned the well in Eastbrooke in an attempt to make the townspeople oblivious to the fact he was going to drown them and steal their belongings. His plan failed, however, as it was discovered by a band of adventurers (some of which took the opportunity to loot the town for themselves and steal a bit of the poison.)
Scotford was left alive, and fled westward, where he settled in the town of Thimblewood. Now, he and Hibbers, the Eastbrooke Innkeeper’s old assistant, have started a business in Thimblewood. They are trying to safely lead the inhabitants there to their God’s church, past the Giant Hills, but the need some help clearing the way.

Scotford Jenks

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